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Cowork7/24 Goes To FreedomXFest

August 8, 2018

What if money was no object

asks Alan Watts, the american philosopher, in his talk.

…what would you do ? how would you like to enjoy spending your life ?”.

This is a speech that I find very inspirational, and come back to from time to time for a boost of motivation.

I would just flip the question around though:

“What if location was no limit to do what you wanted to do? Where would you rather be?”

“What would need to hold true for doing what you would love to be doing from anywhere in the world?”


It was not very long ago when I found my own answers, which then lead to the birth of Cowork7/24.

Apparently, more and more of us around the world have started discovering our own answers, and there’s even a term to describe it now: Location independent movement (LIM). Right ? But it’s more than that. It is more than just being able to travel while working. It has a “potential to completely revolutionize society”.

For companies, it gives access to a much broader talent pool. For individuals, we all can be more productive and effective when we remove barriers and distractions from life. For communities, LIM brings the much needed diversity, and access to minds and spirits that otherwise they may not have had much chance to blend in. This is again a very long topic to talk, and we’ll come to that too in a future blog post.

Here at Cowork7/24, we’ve always wanted to make “the new way of work” the “only way to work” by leading the modern workforce to work more freely, productively and socially. So, when I saw Stuart’s invite a few months back to FreedomXFest, I knew it was an event we wanted to be a part of. Our excitement is at the peak as we are only a week away from meeting like-minded remote workers, freelancers, entrepreneurs, location independent professionals, digital nomads and creatives from all over the globe, sharing the same purpose, or who will just be there seeking their own answers. It’s just amazing to see how many of us are converging on similar purpose and values, — and sometimes even unknowingly — as we are finding our own answers to a more seamless and fulfilling life.

For those who are not familiar, FreedomXFest is a 6-day outdoor event, first of its kind,  bringing together leaders of the location-independent lifestyle movement, entrepreneurs, and creatives of all kinds, taking place at a remote village in northern Spain amidst the Pyrenees mountains.

How to launch a global business while on the road

I will be taking the stage (August 18, Saturday at 4pm) to tell the story of Cowork7/24 (where we are now a team of 13 working fully remote and location independent, with a mission to build innovative technology that powers the modern workforce). I plan to share with the audience the skills, habits and practices we are pursuing as a team that is helping the 13 of us work effectively despite borders, without borders! I believe these are highly needed for every location independent to be successful in this “future of work”. I am hoping this will be an inspiration and encouragement for many. 

Location Independence – it IS a movement, NOW and future of the LIM

Then at 7pm, I will be joining a panel with some of coworking’s most influential thought leaders who have been inspiration to me in the last two years. We will be talking about the “now” and “future” of location independent movement (not a surprise!, right ?).

Be sure to find the Cowork7/24’s pop-up coworking space, open throughout the conference should you need a quiet corner to catch up on work. 

Follow us on our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to stay current. We plan to share live from the event.

We have several other blogs, mostly done by location independent freelancers. You may want to have a look at them too, here.

See you at FreedomXFest!


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