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How To Improve Your Copywriting Writing Skills

January 12, 2018
How to improve your copywriting skills

Words are powerful! They can either make your message even stronger or shatter it to pieces and make it disappear in the vast pool of messages and ads that we get to see each day. But how to improve your copywriting skills? Well, by making strong and powerful messages that tell captivating stories. Stories that paint pictures. That is how you get remembered, that is how you become remarkable.

Improve your copywriting skills!

When you communicate with your customers or clients you could use different channels or methods like webinars, live events, videos, presentations and so on but you always use these specific tools to convey your meaning. Those tools are your words! The words that you use to express yourself usually create a mental picture. That’s why it’s valuable to improve your copywriting skills. Your messages will be really good and way better to understand if you use clear and impactful words.

Words have a great impact on people when used wisely and when you speak or write these words can create powerful pictures in people’s minds.

Examples to improve your copywriting skills

Let’s take for example the following statements:

“I can help you earn more money”

This one implies that the person is not making enough money.


“I have a training program that can get you in a better shape”

This one implies that the person your addressing is not in a good shape.


So instead of putting those sentence like this you could say something like:

“I can help you earn EVEN more money” or “I have a training program that can get you in an EVEN better shape”

You see how one word can change the meaning?


So, if you as a digital nomad are on a call with a client, have a webinar or you are just promoting and showcasing your skills and talents and say to your client:

“I have an idea that can change your business and you will sell EVEN more and make EVEN more money”

Does this make it better? No! The reason is that you have the word “CHANGE” and that word is conveying, threat, loss, fear, disruption, uncertainty…


“I have some great ideas that can help you IMPROVE what you are doing here…”

If you sell yourself as an expert and say

“I am a Digital Marketer with 20+ Years Experience”

Would that work for you? Not really! You are not the only one in the world that has been doing this for this time, right? Instead of this write or say something like:

“I am a Digital Marketer and my campaigns convert visitors into buyers”

You don’t say how long you’ve been doing it. But you now have some room to discuss this. Like how do you convert them, what tactics and methods you use and so on.

The words as tools will not only help you get your message across, create an explicit mental picture in people’s minds but it will also help you get attention, tell a better story and urge people to do something.

The ultimate goal of copywriting is to make people buy, subscribe, promote, download or even call you as an expert in the field that you are working in.

Telling a story that implies results and the benefits one could get is way better that just listing call-to-actions and USPs. You have to put your readers in the situation where they reap the benefits from what you are offering already.

This is what will separate you from your competition and the impactful copywriting is the right path to achieving a good business narrative that does that.

More sources to improve your copywriting skills

We would like to share with all of you some useful resources that could work as an inspiration for you when writing your narrative, story or sales pitch and that will help you to improve your copywriting skills. Some of these websites have gathered some of the best working and converting direct sales ads where you can see how powerful wording can actually be.

Check them out and do not hesitate to share in the comments below some of your ideas, resources or tactics when it comes to copywriting, telling a story or writing for sales ads.

  • Clickbank (Create an affiliate account and you’ll get access to all top-selling products w/ sales pages online)
  • (Older ads but useful)
  • (This has all newspapers back to 1900’s so any ads you can think of probably exist in one of those archives — paid subscription)
  • (Bigger agencies; not DR but might be useful)
  • Who’s Mailing What!
  • Google Books (Popular Mechanics especially)

One more thing! Do not forget to try, test and repeat. There is no true formula or template to what’s working best. You have to be ready to try, split test and optimize at all times. That will help you get the best working message for your ad, campaign, Press Release or Brand story.

This article is contributed by Nicky Nikolaev.


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