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Meet the Team: Zeynep Gabrali

March 19, 2018
Zeynep Gabrali

Halfway through our ‘Meet the Team’-series, the team actually grew again! With an ever-expanding market, the team is just as ever-expanding. So today we introduce to you our latest team member: Zeynep Gabrali!

Zeynep was born and raised in Turkey, but is currently living in Asia as a true digital nomad. This is also how she finally joined the Cowork7/24 crew. She knew a former team member, who introduced her to the company’s founder Serkan. They had been talking about Cowork7/24 for almost a year, when Serkan came to Penang, Malaysia, last February for CU Asia 2018.  ‘We had finally had a chance to meet in person, and after that I joined the team,’ Zeynep explains with a smile. 

With her knowledge about the Asian coworking industry, her role is that of marketing & business development on that side of the world. 

When she is not working, she loves climbing. Funnily enough, she actually has a fear of heights, but climbing helps her push through, and ‘it gives me an opportunity to meet many amazing people with diverse backgrounds’ she says. She also enjoys going to the gym when she has a couple of free hours. 

Welcome to the team, Zeynep!




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