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Meet the Team: Tibet Agirtan!

February 12, 2018
Tibet Agirtan is the Project Manager of Cowork7x24

Meet Tibet Agirtan, the Product Lead, aka “Abi” of Cowork7/24

As we all know, coworking is all about the people and the community they form. When the community is ‘in sync’, magic is bound to happen. It works exactly like that within business teams as well, and when the team is remote, having the right people in the right place is even more important. That’s why we are so proud to be part of the Cowork7x24 team, and that’s why every week one team member will be introduced to you. We’re starting off with Tibet! 

Tibet Agirtan, 52 years old, was born and raised in Mersin, a medium-sized city in Turkey. He now lives in the suburbs of Istanbul and has a 10-year old son. 

Tibet & Cowork7/24

Tibet had been friends with Cowork7x24’s founder Serkan for years already, when one day they were on a road trip to Bansko, Bulgaria. They started discussing Serkan’s way of life and his remote business style. ‘I was excited by the way this may change my whole life and in a few weeks I found myself “working anywhere” for Cowork7x24,’ Tibet explain. He is the team’s product manager and responsible for everything related to iOS, Android and web. 

Tibet & Music

Tibet made quite a career change, coming from an impressive music career. ‘I have been on stage as a singer/song writer/guitarist since 1980,’ he tells, and continues, ‘I made 9 albums, of which 3 of them are solo and the others with the band. I also produced other artists’ albums. My music ranges from Rock’N’Roll to World Music genres. I have played around the world including Wembley, London. I am occasionally called to various song contests as a jury and I was interviewed to appear in a few documentaries. In addition, I have taught acoustics and sound engineering in a college and I have engineered a few major acts’ studio sessions and live sessions as the master sound guy. I wrote two number one hits in Turkey and other hits with the band written by my band members. Nowadays I still gig just for the fun of it.’

Tibet & Travel

The remote work he does for Cowork7x24 suits Tibet’s lifestyle very well, because he loves travelling and exploring new places. Funnily enough, he started discovering different places in Turkey only recently, after he had seen a lot of Europe and other parts of the world. His last trip was to Sığacık, Izmir,Turkey. Once he is done with his Turkey tour, he’s got Jordan, Southern Cyprus and Georgia on his list.

Want to know more about Tibet? Visit his LinkedIn page


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